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Chef Jobs in Australia

Through Edupi’s contacts in the hospitality industry, we have many clients looking for well qualified and experienced chefs from overseas.
We currently have over 300 chefs working throughout Australian pubs, hotels and franchises introduced to Australia through our service.
Edupi Migration has established a specialist recruitment plan to source chefs and cooks who are internationally experienced and qualified (minimum of three years international experience as Commis Chef or higher).
What are the advantages for my business?

  • Overseas candidates mostly stay in their employment for the duration of their visa thus reducing costs for staff turnover, recruitment and training.
  • A higher skill level and increased moral through a stable team.
  • Candidates are not permitted to seek additional employment, or to change jobs without having first found a new sponsor.
  • Candidates have a strong work ethic.
  • Candidates are highly skilled with 5-7 years experience and most have worked in western style international kitchens.
  • Edupi has a comprehensive recruitment strategy saving you time and money.
  • 6 month performance guarantee.
  • 12 month abandonment guarantee.
    How do we select our candidates?

  • We have a comprehensive recruitment process using both technology and more traditional recruitment methods.
  • All our candidates initially apply through our website, where they submit a resume.
  • Once we have decided the applicant is suitable and verified their references we conduct interviews. We focus on the venues they have worked in based on our knowledge of the business from our own site visits.
  • The candidate is interviewed and evaluated for their suitability for working in Australia, as well as their ability to integrate into Australian society.
  • We take into account many factors, but primarily we focus on English language ability, experience in different working environments, professional achievements beyond day-to-day work and their overall attitude to the profession they have chosen.
  • If the candidate is successful we then provide you with a suitable candidate recruitment package for selection.
    What are the obligations on me as a sponsor?

  • Candidates are subject to the same industrial relations laws as any other employee in your workplace.
  • The candidate must be paid a minimum wage of $53,900.00 plus superannuation based on a 38 hour week with reasonable additional hours. PLEASE NOTE – this is a flat rate Monday to Sunday including Public Holidays.
  • The candidate must have private health coverage as they are generally not covered by Medicare. If the candidate does not have health cover you are not liable for any costs incurred in their hospitalisation.
    What are the next steps?

  • Initial consultation with you to establish your needs, timelines and eligibility.
  • If required, we will set you up as a Standard Business Sponsor.
  • Candidate profiles are sent to you and you make your selections for the Skype interviews.
  • Candidates are selected and the Contract of Employment is drafted.
  • We apply for the candidates Visa, this usually takes around 3 months to come through.
  • The candidate resigns their current post and makes plans to arrive in Australia.
  • We bring the candidate to your workplace for the initial introduction.
  • We follow up with both the candidate and yourself to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  • Payment of recruitment fee after 90 days.