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Success Stories

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Santosh Bhattarai

Thank you, Ross, and the Edupi team for your valuable assistance in helping my family settle in Brisbane, Australia. It was one of my dream destinations. My family is enjoying the peaceful and naturally rich environment in Australia. Through my role as a kitchen manager (trainee) I hope to give a better life and education to my family especially my little boy.

Thank you all again for your great service. Your surprisingly quick and prompt service were the key to bringing me and family here from Dubai (U.A.E.). The Edupi team deserves 10 out of 10. My experience was fantastic and of course I do recommend Edupi to my friends, family and whoever else are in the hospitality industry.

Santosh Bhattarai
Ipswich, Queensland

Santosh Bhattarai-Happy With Family v2
Abhineet Ghimire Photo-Great to be on the lad of kangaroosv2

Abhineet Ghimire

Living in Australia has been a great experience so far. The weather and the greenery is something special.
Work has been a great success. I have worked mostly in the “Grill” since arriving here.  The best part is we are allowed to use our initiative and create new dishes.

The culture of maintaining work and life balance in Australia is what makes me the most satisfied. The cultural diversity, the family oriented community, the leisurely lifestyle, the weather, the environment, sport….the list goes on.  What is not to like about this country?

The cultural diversity has made work more versatile and interesting with many things to learn.

I can’t thank Edupi enough for this opportunity. Your service is 10 out of 10 and I’ve already recommended Edupi to friends.

I’m excited for the future. The food culture here is extremely interesting and I’m very positive about my future. I made a great decision to move to Australia.

Abhineet Ghimire


Sirendrum Nagarathan

Australia is a beautiful place to start a new career! I am lucky to be in Melbourne as it is one of the best livable cities in the world. For chefs like me, it’s a dream come true as Melbourne is well known for its freshly produced ingredients.  There are many people of different cultures and background which is one of the best qualities of Melbourne.

The kitchen I work in is always very busy with production and service line. It is a wonderful kitchen team! Most days I’m learning about the operation of the kitchen and work at the pass, in service and prep.

Many friend have asked me how I got to Australia and I always tell them about Edupi.  Edupi is the best migration agents for chefs.  They were very honest and clear about what they do and guided me through the entire visa process.  I definitely recommend Edupi to any chefs I speak to around the world. 

I’m really looking forward to the future. To do the best for the company I work for and grow my career in Melbourne.

Sirendrum Nagarthan



Subash Thapaliya

The service Edupi was excellent. I’m really enjoying living and working in Melbourne.  It is the best place to live!  I’ve got big plans for the future.  I hope to work, live and settle down in Melbourne together with my family.  Thanks again to the entire team at Edupi for the big opportunity you have given me.

Subash Thapaliya


Ramzeen Niyas

I’m living in Sunshine in Melbourne which I really enjoy.  It is only 30 minutes to my work.

I like living in Melbourne. Everything is easy to get to and Australia seems so ‘systematic’.  I’m working really hard, doing everything in the kitchen but it is good to be busy.

Now that I am settled in Melbourne I hope to get my wife to Australia as soon as possible and become a permanent resident.

Thank you so much for your help.  I would definitely recommend Edupi to other Chefs.  Your service is excellent.

Ramzeen Niyas

Photo of Chef Ramzeen Niyas

Wishmalak Perera

Wishmalak is a recent arrival to Australia and is working as a Chef at Rottnest Island, WA.

He has been embraced by the local community and joined the local volunteer fire service where he has used his skills to assist in local emergencies such as a recent jetty collapse on the island.  See the news article here.

It’s very rewarding to see our Chefs embrace lift in Australia and become part of the local community.