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visas-imgBecoming a Standard Business Sponsor is usually the most difficult hurdle for most businesses. You see all the forms and they look easy enough. You fill out the application online and think that was simple. Two weeks later you get a 6 page email for the Department of Immigration & Border Protection wanting to know every tiny detail about your business.


At Edupi, we have helped 100’s of businesses become sponsors. We know exactly what the DIBP are going to ask of you and help you get the essential information collated so your application is rock solid.


The major hurdle for a lot of businesses when becoming a sponsor is to prove they have trained the Australian employees in their business. You may have been training your employees for years, but if this isn’t documented it can be very difficult to prove. You also may not realise that you are actually spending a substantial amount on training but can’t properly identify it.


We work closely with several Training Organisations that have integrity as their core value and will provide you with actual beneficial  training programs to meet this requirement.


Once you are approved as a Sponsor you have obligations to meet through the life of your sponsorship. Edupi has systems in place to assist you here, with regular reminders and publications to ensure you are abreast of any changes that effect your sponsorship as well as solutions if you fall a little behind.


We will alert you when your employees meet certain milestones and ensure that your obligations as a sponsor are met every time.


We can help to solve your visa problems. Enquire today.



family-visaWith all of the chefs and managers we have brought to Australia we have become very experienced in the Family Visa stream. A young chef comes to Australia, performs well and gets Permanent Residency. They want to settle down with their partner and bring them to Australia. Then they want to bring their Mum to Australia because her whole family lives overseas. This is such a familiar story for us, and one we love to assist on.


Family Stream visas are not as easy as they seem. There is a lot of evidence to provide and using Facebook photos and a joint bank account doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to have all of your documents organised to provide the Department of Immigration & Border Protection a clear commentary on the development of your relationship. We will hold your hands every step of the way and ensure you put the best case forward.


We have extensive experience in working with arranged marriages, same sex partnerships and parent applications, both contributory and other streams. If you have a dependant remaining relative who currently resides overseas and you are on a temporary visa we have a proven method for getting them their PR in Australia at the same time as you.


We can help to solve your family visa problems. Enquire today.



skilled-visaAre you in an occupation that is highly sought after in Australia.If you are then there is a chance that you can migrate to Australia without having the need for a sponsor. You may also be on the list for the sponsorships offered by all of our State Governments.


There are many requirements to satisfy for Skilled Migration. When you make your expression of interest you need to be able to prove within 60 days that you meet all of the attributes you made in your claim. If you cannot, then your application may be invalid.


The most important requirement is having the correct Skill Assessment for your application. There may also be other considerations that relate to the best time to apply, your level of English and whether to choose state sponsorship or not.


We can assist you right from the beginning to ensure that you meet the requirements and structure your application in the most cost effective way as possible.


We can help to solve your skilled visa problems. Enquire today.