I need a Chef

I need a Chef

Are you struggling to find chefs? Edupi has placed over 600 chefs in hospitality venues across Australia

Edupi are Hospitality
Immigration Specialist
consultancy with a
primary focus on
business to business
transactions and
overseas chef

What are the advantages for my business?

  • Edupi has access to a large pool of talented overseas candidates who are skill assessed, highly experienced and sponsorship ready.
  • We work with various manpower agencies who have long track records and proven ability to deliver the right staff for your business.
  • Candidates are highly skilled with 5-7 experience and most have worked in western-style international kitchens.
  • Candidates integrate well with existing staff.
  • Edupi has a comprehensive recruitment strategy saving you time and money.
  • 3-month performance guarantee.
  • 6-month abandonment guarantee.
  • Due to the Covid situation overseas, candidates are highly motivated to settle in Australia and stay with their employer as it improves their chance of achieving permanent residency. This particularly applies to
    regional areas.

How do we select our candidates?

Our system for pre-qualification and attention to detail means that you have the best person for your business, in the fastest time possible.

  • All candidates are interviewed and evaluated for their suitability for working in Australia as well as their ability to integrate into Australian society.
  • All candidates have a successful skill assessment from Trades Recognition Australia as a qualified chef or cook.
  • We take account of many factors but primarily we focus on English language ability, experience in working in different environments, professional achievements beyond day-to-day work and their overall attitude to the profession they have chosen.

We work with the best partners.

We work closely with Baba Human Resources Management (BHR) in Dubai and Alliance Human Resources (AHR) in Nepal to identify qualified and enthusiastic hospitality staff interested in working in Australia.

Alliance Nepal

Need a Chef or Cook?
Let us know via our enquiry form.

What are the next steps?  

  1. Initial consultation to assess your needs, timelines and eligibility.
  2. If required, we will set you up as a Standard Business Sponsor.
  3. Candidate profiles are sent to you and you make your selections for the Skype/Zoom interviews.
  4. Candidates are selected and the Contract of Employment is drafted.
  5. We apply for the candidate’s visa which takes normally 3-4 months to come through.
  6. The candidate resigns from their current post and makes plans to arrive in Australia.
  7. We bring the candidate to your workplace for the initial induction.
  8. Follow-ups with both the candidate and yourself to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  9. Payment of recruitment fee after 14 days.

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