Skills Assessments for Chefs and Cooks

Skills Assessments for Chefs and Cooks

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Everything you need to know about Skill Assessments
for Chefs and Cooks

Chefs and Cooks remain in high demand in Australia with both occupations on the combined list of eligible skilled occupations.


If you are a Chef or Cook considering migrating or working temporarily in Australia, you MUST understand WHAT a migration skills assessment is and HOW your skills will be reviewed to assess your qualifications and experience.

Our Skills Assessment for Chefs and Cooks  guide will walk you through the process and help you:

  1. Understand in detail what a migration skills assessment is.
  2. Learn about Trades Recognition Australia and their role in this process.
  3. See the skills requirements for both Chefs and Cooks.
  4. Understand the English speaking requirements.
  5. Understand the pathway to permanent residency for Chefs in Australia.

If you’re a Chef or Cook interested in working or migrating to Australia, download our guide and discover what options are available to you!


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