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Applicant Evaluation

Once you have identified a potential applicant they need to be checked to ensure their application will proceed successfully. Items that need to be checked are;


  • Skills assessment.  All candidates much achieve a positive skills assessment to qualify for a 482 visa.
  • English language ability
  • Reference checking
  • Health
  • Compliance with previous visas and Australian Immigration rules
  • Applying for the correct visa and correct location.


All we require is that you forward a template email that we will provide you with to the employee, introducing Edupi and explaining why you use us and we will take over the process from there.


If necessary we will invite them for a fee-free consultation and we will issue you with a report identifying any issues that may hinder their application.


Nomination Preparation

All nominations must satisfy the requirements of the required Visa.  It’s important that the nomination is complete with ALL the required information provided otherwise the application may be rejected. The important items to prepare and ensure are consistent with previous applications are;


  • Signed Contract of Employment
  • Evidence of Labour Market Testing
  • Submission on the genuine need for the position, how it fits into the business currently and reasoning for multiple people in similar positions.
  • In the case of a transfer, the skills and eligibility of the proposed applicant.


Edupi will ask you for an initial set of documents that we will assist you with preparing and keep on file for all future applications. We will from time to time ask you to update some of these items but we attempt to keep this to a minimum.

Some of our clients provide us with a word template contracts of employment and electronic signatures to speed up the process of the nomination. In this case all we usually require is the contact details of the applicant, their position and their salary.


Visa Application

Edupi lodges on average eight 482 visas per week for our hospitality clients. It is our principle activity and we have processes in place to ensure each application has the best chance of a timely decision.


One of the biggest complaints we see from clients who are managing this process themselves is that the applicant is constantly hounding them as to the progress.


We take all this communication away from you. We will keep your applicant informed as to the progress of their application, clearly explain to them that once the application is lodged the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) is in control and we will respond to any department requests on their behalf.


All document collection and correspondence we will conduct directly with the applicant from the very beginning.


As soon as the Nomination and Visa application are lodged we provide you with the DOHA acknowledgement letters for your files and if you have paid any fees, a receipt from the DOHA.


482 Visa Monitoring & Statutory Declarations


The department monitors both sponsors and visa holders through Fair Work Australia inspectors who can undertake visits to workplaces to monitor compliance.  If inspectors discover that you are not complying with sponsorship obligations, the DOHA will initiate a Monitoring Event.


Monitoring events are incredibly involved, with a large amount of evidence including contracts, pay slips, rosters etc being required to be provided within 14 days of the request.


Our LEAP Migration Manager software provides us with reports on every sponsored employee in your business. The report will list their Salary, Occupation, Work location and visa expiry date. We will send this too you every quarter to ensure that you may notify us in the event of changes that require notification to the DOHA, especially termination of sponsorships.


We will also alert you when applicants are coming up to their eligibility for Permanent Residency in order that you may be prepared for their request and in many instance, identify to them areas of improvement you would like to see prior to this application.


Work Entitlement Verification

Edupi uses LEAP Migration Manager to monitor employees for work rights. This is not limited to sponsored employees, but applies to all employees who are working on some sort of visa. They include:


  • International Students
  • Working Holiday
  • Work and Holiday
  • Short Stay visa holders
  • 482 visa holders
  • 482 Spouse visa holders
  • 485 Visa holders.


As their situations may change without your knowledge it is important to have up to date records to ensure that you do not breach the Act and subject yourself to fines.


Of more concern is that allowing an employee to work for you unlawfully puts your Standard Business Sponsorship at risk of cancellation and in extreme cases, cessation of employment of existing 482 visa holders.


You can select the level of service you require for this product from as little as using our service for an anonymous check of VEVO (the department has a record of every unlawful person you check through your own account) to having a comprehensive weekly report of all employees.


We also offer a service where managers can text a photo of a potential applicants Passport bio-data page to our service, including the location they are reporting from and we will return a VEVO check to the nominated address within 24 hours (weekdays).


Chef Recruitment

Edupi actually started as a business sourcing international chefs, preparing them for immigration and then placing them with eligible sponsors.


We have placed over 600 chefs in Australia with a success rate of 99%.

We can work with you to develop a strategy to bring in overseas workers on a schedule that suits your business and at the same time provides much needed stability in your kitchens.


Edupi manages all of the ancillary items for these employees including opening bank accounts, Tax File Numbers, accommodation and other relocation tasks.