Chefs now included on the Australian priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL).


Jun, 2021

Justin Browne

Justin Browne

Justin Browne is the CEO of Four Points Immigration.

Chefs now included on the Australian priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL).

In response to the crippling skills shortage in the hospitality sector, the Australian Government has today announced that Chefs have been added to the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) in an effort to address the chronic shortage of Chefs in the Australian hospitality sector.

What is the PMSOL?

This list was first announced in September 2020 and identifies skilled occupations experiencing skills shortages in Australia due to the pandemic. Occupations on this list are given priority for the processing of skilled migration visas over other occupations.

What does this mean for skilled chefs wanting to secure a visa to Australia?

There are a number of issues we would like to address for sponsors and chefs.

While offshore applications will begin processing for chefs now they are on the PMSOL list; there are still several challenges in getting to Australia.

  1. Border restrictions: Australia’s strict international border restrictions will make it difficult to secure a flight to Australia. Any flights will be very expensive and can be subject to cancellation without notice.
  • Hotel quarantine requirement:  All international arrivals into Australia must quarantine for 14 days in a hotel or quarantine facility at your own expense. This is a requirement regardless of vaccination status.
  • Limited arrival numbers: Overseas arrival numbers are capped by the Australian Government. There were only 1150 arrivals in April and 1480 in May on TSS visas, and we don’t expect a significant increase in these numbers given the slow rollout of the vaccine and further outbreaks. This was across the 22 occupations already on the list and includes partners and children of applicants.

Whilst this is great news for the industry, it will not be a solution for everybody, and businesses will need to assess the cost of bringing a chef into the country, given the time frame may still be significant.

What do I need to do?

If you have a chef who is stuck offshore, they may now apply for a travel exemption to re-enter the country. If you are looking at sponsoring a chef who is currently offshore please contact us for the process information and costs. As a rough guide, expect around $10,000 for flights, quarantine and exemption applications.

For more information, here is a link to the media release.

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