TSS Visa checklist for Chef applicants


Apr, 2017

Justin Browne

Justin Browne

Justin Browne is the CEO of Four Points Immigration.

TSS Visa checklist for Chef applicants

The current shortage of qualified chefs and cooks in Australia provides some great opportunities for overseas chefs. Not only does it provide the opportunity to work and live in Australia, but also experience in world class restaurants that are highly motivated to sponsor overseas chefs due to the shortage of local, qualified staff.


If you are a chef considering opportunities in Australia, below is a checklist of documents and information you’ll require to support your TSS visa application.


Key Professional Documents


The following document provides evidence to authorities that you meet the professional and educational requirements for a TSS Visa.  Documents you need to have may include:


  • Skills Assessment: This must be an assessment by a registered training organisation approved by Trades Recognition Australia.
  • Qualification Documents: This includes professional and educational documents that prove you have achieved your stated occupations.
  • Evidence of Registration, Licencing or Professional Membership: This shows that you will be able to meet any necessary requirements whilst working in Australia.
  • Employer References: These should demonstrate the relevant skill level identified in your application and should be on company letterhead with name, title and contact details of the referee and details of your position and dates of service.
  • Curriculum Vitae: Your CV must be up-to-date and cover at least the last five years including full employment, educational history, dates and positions held and the name, title and contact details of referees.
  • English Language Tests: You must show proficiency in the English language by providing IELTS test results, OET test results, TOEFL iBT results, Pearson Test of English Results or Cambridge English test results. If seeking exemption from English language requirements you must provide evidence of completing 5 years of study at a secondary or higher institution where instruction was in English.


Important Personal Documents


You also need to prove your identity and that of any family members wanting to come to Australia.  The key personal documents you’ll require include:

  • Biographical Information: Copies of pages in passports and travel documents that have photos and personal details along with issue/expiry dates. If any of the birthdates or names are different on the application, evidence is required as is evidence for why the change occurred.
  • Family member information: This includes birth certificates, marriage certificates or other evidence if you are in a defacto relationship such as joint banking statements etc.
  • Health Insurance Documents: As workers on TSS Visas are not covered under Australia’s public health system, you need to provide evidence of health insurance whilst you are living in Australia.
  • Health Assessment: Depending on which country you currently live, you may be required to have a complete health assessment.


The following list is a summary of the current requirements. These are often updated by the Department of Home Affairs so it’s important to get the help of an experienced migration agent like Edupi who will make sure you have the correct documents to support your application.

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